About 7DD

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 Who: Chris Murphy

Chris is a singer-songwriter who writes mostly of life and love. His comfort zone is straight up acoustic pop, but he often dives in to rock, soul, R&B, gospel and country when the mood strikes him.

 What: 7 Day Demo

7 Day Demo is an attempt to give you a new song every week demo style. Unpolished, unfinished and raw in all its lo-fi glory.

 Why: Because music speaks

7DD will showcase Chris’ original music as well as his take on familiar songs. Chris will often ask you to help by you offering a topic, story or idea to make new songs in an interactive way.

 When: Every week

Yup, every week!

 Where: www.7DayDemo.com

Also, check here for stories behind the songs as well as Chris’ thoughts and posts on other topics as well.

 How: Chris sings when you push play

It’s pretty cut and dry… every week visit 7 Day Demo for a new song. Listen, tell us what you think if you like, and tell a friend. Music’s always better when it is shared with friends!